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My favourite book is ‘The Chronicles of Narnia.’  I liked the mythical/fantasy element of the story and the idea of an everyday object such as a wardrobe offering such adventure really sparked my imagination. I would say that these books have helped me to understand the world around me.

My Favourite children’s author is Rick Riordan. I love how he makes history relevant, funny, interesting and accessible. I also like how his stories prompt children to look at their own characteristics in another way.

My favourite book is called Skellig written by David Almond. The reason I enjoyed it so much was because it was just an ordinary setting with initially ordinary characters but as the story developed it was woven with moments of soaring hope, searing pain and extraordinary description. J.K. Rowling is my favourite children’s author.  The skill in creating the whole ‘Wizarding World’ is something I am in awe of and the fact that she created it on the back of a napkin in a small café is a great back story to the beginnings of her ideas.

Mr R. Hawley

Teacher Y6 Sycamore & 

Phase Leader

Mrs M. Baker

Teacher Y6 Horse Chestnut


'Ten Little Dinosaurs' is our favourite book at home at the moment. I like how it is written in rhyme, counts down in numbers from ten and the pages are full of colour and has dramatic backdrops on each page (definitely gets my kiddies engaged).

Julia Donaldson is  one of my favourite authors. Her books are imaginative, bizarre characters are used, and can easily be recited by children who find reading difficult. Most of her books are written in rhyme which is why I like her stories. 


Teaching Assistants:                                                 


Mrs C. Fallon-Lister

Senior Teaching Assistant

Y6 Sycamore

Mrs B. Parker

Higher Level

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Y6 Sycamore &

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Mr M. Skjold


Y6 Horse Chestnut & SENDCo

Mrs M. Baz

Senior Teaching Assistant

Y6 Horse Chestnut

My favourite book to read to the children is Room 13.

The joy the children have at being slightly spooked by the topic (Dracula) and also the suspense that the author creates is tremendous. I love to have the lights off in the classroom or perhaps in the blue hall and make the children jump at certain points. Although wrote by Robert Swindells in the late eighties, the author makes the children feel they are part of the story and it actually could be set in the present. I have also read this to my own children and they were both equally delighted by the book.

My favourite author of all time is Roald Dahl. What is not to like? He makes all stories fun and really drags you along with his thoughts - even when the story is utterly bizarre. I also like the fact that the stories are actually simply written, this ensures children of all ages can be part of the stories.

My Favourite children’s book

Topsy and Tim by Jean Adamson and Gareth Adamson.


I really enjoyed reading these books as a child. I loved reading about the mischievous adventures they had together. I identified with their close twin relationship because I was also very close to my siblings growing up.


Favourite children’s author

J K Rowling

I admire this author because she is so creative and imaginative. She is able to capture the children’s imagination and transport them to another world. I enjoy reading all her books.

Whenever I am asked to name my favourite children's author, I always respond by stating Roald Dahl as my storyteller of choice, both as a youngster and years later, as an adult, reading stories aloud to my own daughter.

In my opinion, 'The Twits' was Roald Dahl’s finest work. I still recall with great delight, the endless list of awful pranks this pair played on one another:

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