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Mr P. Timewell

Teacher - Y4 Elder

My favourite children's story is 'Oi Frog' by Kes Gray because I really love the rhymes abnd the funny ending.

My favourite children's author is Tony Ross. I love the characters he has created and his colourful pictures too.

Miss V. Green

Teaching Assistant

Y4 Elder

My favourite book is ‘The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe by CM Lewis. This is one of my favourite books because the author makes Narnia seem like such a magical and exciting place to visit.

 My favourite children’s author is Julia Donaldson. This author has written some fantastic rhyming stories such as ‘What the Ladybird Heard,’ ‘Room on the Broom’ and ‘The Snail and the Whale’ to name but a few. I think these stories are engaging and exciting with fantastic illustrations which bring them to life.

Teaching Assistants: 

Vicky Green JPG.JPG2.JPG

My favourite children’s book is….I am Malala  because this graphic, non-fiction book tells the story of Malala Yousafzai, a young girl, who was shot by the Taliban whilst on the bus to her school.  This story has been told to Year 4 children on two different occasions and the reactions of the children never ceases to amaze me.  They are totally engrossed in the story, wanting to hear more each time and prompting classroom discussions about how she dealt with her life after her cruel ordeal.

My favourite children’s author is …. Jacqueline Wilson because I remember, when reading her books to my own daughters, how true to life she made the stories.  She covered a whole range of everyday life subjects in the many books she wrote and although sometimes they were controversial, they made what could be an upsetting or difficult time for children more manageable.

My favourite children's book is 'The Hungry Catterpillar' by Eric Carle. Although caterpillars don't really eat cakes, I love the fact it teaches you about its life cycle and also supports children with counting. The grammar is repetitive and the illustations beautifully brightly coloured. 

My favourite children's author is Beatrix Potter. I enjoy reading her books because they are innocent, clearly written and entertaining. there is also something charming about the characters that takes you away from the world's hustle and bustle.


Miss H Ibbotson

Higher Level

Teaching Assistant


My favourite children's book is "The Five minutes Peace' by Jill Murphy. It is so easy to read and I have enjoyed sharing these with my own children.

I can really connect with this story as the plot resonates with my own family life.



My favourite book to read to the children is Room 13.

The joy the children have at being slightly spooked by the topic (Dracula) and also the suspense that the author creates is tremendous. I love to have the lights off in the classroom or perhaps in the blue hall and make the children jump at certain points. Although wrote by Robert Swindells in the late eighties, the author makes the children feel they are part of the story and it actually could be set in the present. I have also read this to my own children and they were both equally delighted by the book.

My favourite author of all time is Roald Dahl. What is not to like? He makes all stories fun and really drags you along with his thoughts - even when the story is utterly bizarre. I also like the fact that the stories are actually simply written, this ensures children of all ages can be part of the stories.

Mr M. Skjold


Y4 Rowan & SENDCo

Michaela 2019.JPG

My favourite book is ‘The Chronicles of Narnia.’  I liked the mythical/fantasy element of the story and the idea of an everyday object such as a wardrobe offering such adventure really sparked my imagination. I would say that these books have helped me to understand the world around me.

My Favourite children’s author is Rick Riordan. I love how he makes history relevant, funny, interesting and accessible. I also like how his stories prompt children to look at their own characteristics in another way.

Mrs M. Baker

Teacher Y4 Rowan


Mrs K. Meco

Teaching Assistant - Y4

My favourite children’s author is Astrid Lindgreen and her story about 'Pippi Longstocking.' I read these stories myself as a little girl and I loved the sense of magic in her stories - particularly magic on her horse!


My favourite children's book is 'The Tiger who came to tea. I remember being intrigued by this book as a young girl and read it over and over again.

My favourite children's author is Roald Dahl because of his amazing characters in all of his stories.

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