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My favourite children’s book is The Scarecrow's Wedding, written by Julia Donaldson. I really like this book because it is funny and enjoyable to read. It is very witty and I love how it rhymes and the rhyme flows through the whole story.

Julia Donaldson is also my favourite children’s author, as she has written many children’s books and the children all love the stories she writes. They are all very different in their own way and all funny – which the children love! They aren’t too long for the children and all of the language used is at an age- appropriate level for them which is really good.

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Miss M. Howard

Teacher - Y1 Ash

Teaching Assistants

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Miss T. Fashi

Teaching Assistant - Y1 Ash

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Miss K Fashi

Teaching Assistant - Y1 Birch

My  favourite book is The Gruffalo. I really love the story because of how the mouse outwits his predators who are all licking their lips to eat him up. I love the character of the mouse, despite his small size he is so clever and thinks cunningly of how to escape his fate of being eaten up by all the animals in the forest. 


Julia Donaldson is my favourite children’s author. I have enjoyed reading her books to children of the many years and each time Is a  true enjoyment. I love the short rhymes and repetitive structure of her stories which are so easy for children to pick up and join in with. The beautiful illustrations make each story come to life and are a visual and exciting complement.

My favourite children's book is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.I would always wish that I could find a golden ticket and visit a chocolate factory like Charlie and enjoy all the weird but amazing treats.

My favourite children’s author is Roald Dhal as I have grown up reading his books. The descriptive language used in the books makes you feel like you can imagine and picture each part of the story as if you are there.

Emily Furness2.png

Mrs E. Furniss

Y1 Teacher

My current favourite children’s book is The Penguin Who Wanted to Find Out by Jill Tomlinson about a little penguin named Otto who asks lots and lots of questions. I enjoy this books because I love Otto’s curiosity and the way he grows from a small penguin who is unsure of himself into a confident leader who isn’t afraid of a challenge. 


My favourite children’s author is Enid Blyton because her books were read to me as a child and I have wonderful memories of acting out the adventures her books took me on with my brother and sister.


Miss S. Watling

Y1 Teacher

We’re going on a Bear Hunt - Retold by Michael Rosen

Illustrated by Helen Oxenbury


This is one of my childhood favourite book that I read when I was in Primary School. I can relate to this book because I enjoyed the adventures in the story 

Mrs A Shah

Teaching Assistant


My favourite children’s book is 'The Worst Witch' and it is written by my favourite children's author - Jill Murphy. I love the stories about spells and magic because when I was alittle girls that is what I wanted to do 

My favourite children’s book is a compilation of turkish folk tales.

My favourite story is  'The Stepping King.' It tells the tale about a King who disguises himself so that he can move freely amongst his people and find out how they live. He then improves their lives


Miss G. Pektas

Teaching Assistant


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