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St. Ann's School - a special place to work and learn

Pupils at St. Ann's School learn from a curriculum that is steeped in research.

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An Outward Looking School.

St. Ann's Senior Leadership Team, through their careful planning of

continuous professional development of all its staff, have adapted the

school's curriculum strategies and policies through trials and developments attempted by all staff.

Feedback, success and failings have helped us shape our school's approaches to teaching and learning. For example the Literacy team created our 'Super 6' in writing non-negotiables.

For the past three years St. Ann's has been part of the

Education Endowment Fund's research projects on Digital

feedback in maths, Reflect Ed and The IPEEL writing project.

The success of the 'Reflect Ed' project has ensured that this

has become part of our daily teaching and learning in KS2 - whereby pupils are taught how to become better learners and then how to apply this into their academic learning.

KS1 and Foundation children are taught the skill of reflection through our Learning Skills character -  Reflecto.

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