Our Achievements -

in REAL projects and in external Assessments.

Here are some examples of how our REAL projects have helped our pupils achieve the school vision -

promoting RESPECT in everything that we do.....in school, in Rotherham and beyond.


In school......


How talented are you?

Children in year 1 enjoyed success as they enhanced their existing talents and gained some new ones through this project. They were empowered to think of ways they could improve their talents by asking questions and seeking advice from local experts.

Teachers were very impressed with the resilience children demonstrated throughout this project as they practised using peer critique to create multiple drafts of their work until they had achieved excellent final outcomes. Children collaborated well by giving each other kind, helpful and often very specific feedback to improve their work. These young children certainly showed they are capable of great maturity!

As well as thinking about their talents, children also learnt about their personal history and developed a greater understanding of the world through learning about the countries each other’s families come from. They also learnt how to stay protected from unhealthy habits by learning about the human body in science and exploring keeping healthy in PSHE.

The final exhibition was well attended by parents. Children confidently shared their learning; showing off their new talents and celebrating the respect they have for each other’s cultures.

“A talent is like when you do a dance and you have to keep practising so you can get better at it.”

Erik , age 5.

In Rotherham..........


Do scientists have all the answers?

Children in year 5 designed and hosted a quiz for other schools in our local area. They developed questions from the things they had learnt, wrote scientific explanations so they were clear on the answers organised and mastered lots of techniques in design technology and art to make prize bags for entrants. They also developed lots of  learning skills through organising the event.

After the our quiz, Ukasha wrote this reflection:

"I think the Science quiz was a huge success! We were all a bit nervous before but it came out great. One of the East Dene teachers told us how good we were and she said we inspired them to make their own quiz."


and beyond.........

How do we keep memories alive?


 Children in year 6 presented a memorial book to the National Holocaust Centre in Nottinghamshire to feature as part the museum’s exhibitions.

The children's project was inspired by 'memories.'

The children created a memory book of their experiences at St. Ann's. The children were evacuated, met Holocaust survivors and went through many drills to give them first hand experiences to try to understand what it would be like at war time. They used this as driver to create writing, drama and digitally enhanced images. Their work had to be of a high quality as it was presented to and displayed at the National Holocaust Museum.

"The students were an absolute privilege to work with - in considering challenging issues of predjudice, isolation and the need to stand up for others facing descrimination. Their thoughtful and engaged approach ensured that they gained an excellent level of learning through the Journey Exhibition."

Louise Stafford, Education Manager The National Holocaust Centre and Museum.

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Our academic achievements - end of Key Stages and Statutory Assessments.