Home Learning 

Home Learning is different to Homework.

Homework is given to our pupils, as extra pieces of learning to do at home, the focus being their current subject knowledge or skills being taught in the classroom. Children are praised and rewarded for completing these tasks and this learning also provides an important link between school and home - providing parents with an opportunity to be involved with their child's education.

Home Learning is implemented when a pupil cannot access school due to a variety of reasons linked to COVID-19. These reasons are listed below.

Bubble Closure. These occur when child or a member of staff in

a class have  tested positive for COVID-19. This means all of the

children and staff have to go home and isolate for 14 days to

protect the rest of the people in school. The pupils can still do

their learning at home, therefore they need 'Bubble Closure Packs.'

These packs will cover all of the main areas/subjects being taught at

school. These packs are designed to blend in with the current learning that would be happening in the classroom - hence the term 'Blended Learning.' These are hand delivered to each family.


Children are given a timetable to follow which incorporates web based learning and paper based learning to help support parents in ensuring there is a balance each day.

Class teachers will monitor the completion of these tasks through phone calls and children uploading their completed tasks on to SeeSaw - our chosen Home Learning Platform. This allows interaction between the children and school staff. 

Children Isolating 1-3 days. This occurs when a child is showing symptoms  and has taken a test for COVID-19 and is awaiting the result. Short term Learning packs are then allocated to these individual children. Day 1 will already be at home with the children in their reading/ homework folders.

Children Isolating 4-10 days. When a child has been in close contact with someone or they are living in the same household with someone who has COVID -19, they are requested to stay at home for a longer period of time (14 days in total). We would then allocate these children a Long Term isolation pack. These packs have a different focus to the Bubble closure packs and are different if ever a child has to isolate on more than one occasion.

St .Ann's is providing the most disadvantaged families with IT devices to support them with their Home Learning. This is an on-going process as we receive both funding and devices from the DFE.

The older children have been given Lap Tops, and the very youngest Amazon Fire Tablets - children's version.

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      Lap Tops                                      IPADS                            Amazon Fire Tablets