At St Ann’s J & I School we are currently on a journey to introduce and embed the Mastery approach in mathematics, linking fluency, problem solving and reasoning so that children develop a deep understanding of concepts. Key to this approach is a belief that all children can learn maths. See ‘The Essence of Mastery’ document for more details.


By using practical apparatus and visual images, maths is made accessible and fun, with plenty of opportunities to embed remembered facts and to reason and problem solve.  We have a clear coherent development of calculation skills linked to practical resources in our calculation

policy. (See document.)

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We use the CPA approach. Concrete (practical) –Pictorial (representing with pictures) –Abstract – (using symbols):

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As with all learning in our school, language sits at the hearts of maths, with teachers encouraging children to use full sentences, providing scaffolds for this and teaching specific mathematical vocabulary.


As part of our drive towards remembered facts, we have developed a coherent plan of mental maths skills which need to be taught at each year group. (See fluency documents.)

We have also adopted Times Tables Rock Stars, and have regular ‘battles’ between classes and year groups. Children love to challenge each other at school and at home, taking part in ‘Gigs’ and developing their Rock Star character.

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We have also started using Numbots (on the same website as above) with younger children to develop automatic recall of simple number facts. These can then be used to solve more complex problems. Children love building up the parts of their own robots by answering increasingly challenging questions.

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As part of our 'Catch up strategy' following lockdown, we have trained staff in several ECC interventions.

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